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Quick Post About Some Changes

Damage Types
Some of the major and more noticeable changes coming are clearer indicators about what you're being hit by. For example, the color displayed by the damage value has indicated what type of damage you're being hit by, for example:
Red = Normal
Green = Elemental
Yellow = Explosive

But then the game noted direct damage (contact damage with an enemy) and trap damage, which isn't clearly displayed when taking damage. So now we have:

The hard zigzag means you were hit by direct contact, as shown on the left. On the right, the more fancy swirly lines mean you were hit by trap damage. Fancy because you guys are such sexy people with your trap dodging finesse. The spikes on the right screenshot have probably never been touched, so for demonstration purposes, they have been used.
On the right, a straight line is used for trap damage, as it's easier to see at a glance when these things happen. The testers felt it would be hard to see the difference between the two during gameplay and I agree.

The hit indicators scale with the size of the damage displayed and will also match the color. (damage type)

Morph Ball
As stated previously, Spring Ball will be obtainable in Gate 5, and as early as just after finding the standard missiles. The post-gate terminal will of course lead you to which sector it's in. This of course means pressing jump no longer removes you from morph ball state.

Other Stuff
Some other little things:
Air dashing after jumping on a bumper (the big Yoshi's Island arrow springs) will now completely cancel all the momentum gained from the bumper just like double jumping already does. Currently, you can air dash and immediately after the air dash has ended, you'll still rise.

A few more scenes are skippable, as well as the end credits. Many will want to (and you'll want to, trust me) see the revamped epilogue, so it's reachable much much faster.

Which brings me to the end sequence. You can no longer game over on that sequence unless running out of time. (Which no one does.) Falling off the bottom of the screen will now teleport the player to a nearby stable platform.

There's plenty of other changes and QoL fixes coming, plus of course some big surprises that I've not so subtly been hinting at since around April. (Just don't bother asking about it, cause I won't comment on it. :3)


Ilvocare said...


Hadriex said...

Oooo. Did I just hear revamped epilogue?

Anonymous said...

Revamped epilogue, hmm. This intrigues me.
Also, will it be possible to get the Spring Ball if Gate 5 is already beaten, or will I have to make a new file to get it?

ZephyrBurst said...

You'll be able to go back into Gate 5 and grab the Spring Ball. It's easier after it's beaten anyway because the terminal tells you which sector it's in.

LostSoldier20 said...

I'm secretly hoping you either changed nothing about the ending, or just have Cyrus insult the player for expecting more.

Basically I can't be disappointed in what comes with this patch.

Kurtis Haren said...

Yeah, if there's some way to check if the game's been beaten already and on what version it was beaten, that would be a nice little easter egg for anybody who replays the ending just to see if the end changes.

Anonymous said...

You've mentioned previously that the new update might contain the Bubble Key, will the area unlocked by that contain some new items or content? Curious.

The anticipation is building.

ZephyrBurst said...

Yeah, I've just been really busy with stuff away from DT. I kinda feel bad leaving it be for so long cause I don't want to kill off that anticipation. I know I've had the same feeling happen to me waiting too long for something.

There IS new content. As for new items, there's only one so far that I've added, which is the Spring Ball, which was placed in Gate 5. I've been wanting to post screenshots, but I also want to keep it all a surprise, which is what's gonna happen. It'll be more fun when it does arrive. Soon™

LostSoldier20 said...

"stuff away from DT."

Like working for Blizzard! How else would you be allowed to use the Soon™?!

(still excited for it, don't worry)

asuka21 said...

Will it be released this year at least?

ZephyrBurst said...

I hope so, but I won't make promises at this point. It's not even in testing yet. As in I haven't given it to the testers since I don't feel it's ready for them.